DJH Youth Hostel Quedlinburg

About Us

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With only 50 beds, we are among the smallest hostels in Sachsen-Anhalt, but we don’t lack anything when it comes to character or charm! Our guests enjoy our central location and the familial ambiance for which our house is known.

Historical Information

In front of the Youth Hostel Quedlinburg

The current hostel was originally built as a large barn in 1661 and was used as a storage and supply room.  In 1926, the barn was thoroughly restored and updated, and an adjacent apartment building and inn was added. 

access road to the Youth Hostel Quedlinburg

After reunification, the Sachsen-Anhalt Hostelling Association acquired the building, which was renovated and modernized and opened to the public as the Quedlinburg Hostel in March 2000.